Ohio State University – Lamb Carcass Evaluation Class

This winter I had the privilege of attending the LAMB 509 course at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.  For 3 days, fellow farmers and I gave up our roles as producers of sheep & lambs, and immersed ourselves in the roles of the meat processor, the distributor, and finally the consumer.  Class started with… READ MORE »

EWG Superbugs

Superbugs Invade American Supermarkets Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are now common in the meat aisles of American supermarkets. These so-called superbugs can trigger food-borne illness and infections that are hard to treat. An analysis by the Environmental Working Group has determined that government tests of raw supermarket meat published last February 5 detected antibiotic-resistant bacteria in: These… READ MORE »

Slow Food USA

“Food is the sweet spot between tradition and innovation, richer and poor, young and old, pleasure and responsibility”

– Richard McCarthy,
Slow Food USA – Executive Director

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Grass-Fed Basics by Jo Robinson

“Since the late 1990s, a growing number of ranchers have stopped sending their animals to the feedlots to be fattened on grain, soy and other supplements. Instead, they are keeping their animals home on the range where they forage on pasture, their native diet. These new-age ranchers do not treat their livestock with hormones or feed them growth-promoting additives. As a result, the animals grow at a natural pace. . .

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Allan Savory: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change

“Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” begins Allan Savory in this quietly powerful talk. And it’s happening to about two-thirds of the world’s grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes – and his work so far shows – that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert. . .

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