yellowbirdfarms-cattlepicAt Yellowbird Farms we know that happy cows are healthy cows!  We take pride in our all-natural, grass-fed, pasture raised system.  By allowing the animals to live as nature intended, freely grazing on lush pastures with minimal handling by us, our cows are naturally healthier and stress free.

Our cow herd has been selected for strong maternal traits, easy fleshing on grass, and tolerance of the heat & humidity of the South. They thrive on forage, are always on open pasture, have never been given antibiotics or growth hormones, and have never grazed on land treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Grass-fed beef is not only leaner and more flavorful than grain-fed beef; it is also more nutritious.  Naturally higher in Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA’s, and Vitamin E, grass- fed beef is a healthful choice in your diet.

If you are interested in females to grow your own herd, please contact us and Jim will be happy to tell you about our program goals, our management, and the genetics behind our moderate, efficient cattle.


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