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yellowbirdfarms-heritagepoultrypicWe are not currently offering poultry for sale.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 


Yellowbird Farms is home to a variety of free-range poultry.

The Muscovy ducks are voracious foragers, they do a great job of keeping the insect population in balance. Muscovy meat is much leaner than other ducks with a nice, “beefy” flavor. Their eggs are rich and delicious and have a considerably longer shelf life than chicken eggs. The larger yolk size and higher fat content makes them wonderful for use in baking.

Our chickens are an assortment of Buckeye, Plymouth Rock, Orpington, and Dominique. We lead them into pastures after the sheep and cattle where they scratch and peck. This helps break down the manure which fertilizes our pastures and helps with insect control. Some of these breeds are considered “dual purpose” breeds since they produce good quantities of eggs and have larger body types for meat. We prefer the slower growing heritage breeds over the faster growing broiler types. We think that these sturdy, natural foragers are better suited to our free-range system and better for our farm.

The Royal Palm turkeys are excellent foragers. Slow growing, hardy birds; they are able to reproduce naturally unlike many of the newer “meat” breeds. These birds are white with bands of metallic black. The toms are non-aggressive and the hens make good mothers. Slow food USA’s Ark of Taste categorizes this breed as critically in danger of extinction. We feel it is important to try to keep this unique breed around.


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