Our lamb is from our Katahdin ewe flock, an American heritage breed. These are “hair sheep” bred to produce mild tasting, remarkably delicious meats but no wool. Katahdin sheep are perfectly suited to our humid, sub-tropical climate and thrive on our lush Tennessee pastures.  Our ewes are bred to Texel rams, giving their lambs improved muscling and growth.  Our goal is to bring you the best lamb you’ve ever had.

All of the sheep spend their lives grazing freely on diverse forages and grasses. They are moved daily which ensures that they always have access to clean, fresh pasture. By allowing them to graze & live as they were designed to, our sheep are naturally healthy and stress-free. This careful balancing of nature & management produces the highest quality meats available.  Whether you’re a fan of lamb or you have never tried it, we invite you to give Yellowbird Farms lamb a try.  It’s mild, buttery flavor is exceptional!

If you are interested in ewes or rams to add to your own flock, Jim would be happy to talk to Sheep with you and answer any questions you have.  Our foundation Katahdin flock was sourced from a small group of breeders focused on parasite resistance, maternal traits, and tolerance of Southern summers – backed by the science to prove their progress.  Our Texel rams are proudly sourced from the premier breeder in the United States, a veterinarian focused on improving growth & carcass traits by importing embryos and semen from top flocks in Europe.

” Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience.  Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence. ” – Hal Borland


Yellowbird Farms is passionate in our commitment to sustainable land stewardship and humane animal stockmanship. Our animals are ALWAYS 100% grass-fed and Pasture-Raised. Our animals are NEVER given antibiotics or added hormones.



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American Lamb is up to 10,000 miles fresher than Imported Lamb!